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 Looking For RP

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PostSubject: Looking For RP   Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:54 pm

I would like to roleplay with Daniel? Or maybe in Random we could roleplay with outside characters... Here are some ideas for that:

Idea #1
I was thinking of a Dragonborn X Dark Brotherhood roleplay. I would like my OC to be in the Dark Brotherhood, female of course. Plot: A Dark Brotherhood member ((My OC)) is sent to finish a contract to... Destroy the Dragonborn but instead falls in love, and we move on from there. Well?!

Idea #2
A woman finds out her boyfriend had been cheating on her and grows a little jealous. When her boyfriend walks into the house, he dumps her and leaves. She stalks him out a few days and soon enough kidnaps him, keeping him captive. Then I was thinking she found another boyfriend in the end and BAM! The End. Course we WANT to make this as long as possible so we'll try to drag this rp out as much as possible. Kind of like a movie? (:

Idea #3
A yaoi roleplay between a male and my cross-dressing character, Matthew. If you need a better plot than this, we could just hit it off, yes?


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Looking For RP
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