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 Character Application - Tiamat

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PostSubject: Character Application - Tiamat   Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:39 am

Name: Tiamat Arainai-Aeducan
Nicknames: Tiamat
Age: 25

Build: Slim and lithe, with most of her muscle mass concentrated in her legs and thighs
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 149 lbs
Hair color: Strawberry blonde, a little lighter near her roots (not dyed, this is a natural hair gradient)
-Type: Full and curly
-Length: Very long, almost to her knees
Eyes: Vibrant gray, taking on the mixed tone of her mother's bright blue with her father's hazel
Piercings: Nope

Occupation: Hunter for hire, anything you need killed or tracked down she will make sure it gets done
Race: Wood Elf
Current Residence: No permanent home to speak of due to her job. Home is where she lays her head each night, be it an inn or out under the stars
Family: Both parents are deceased, no siblings to speak of. Any other family related to her parents is unknown.
Pets: No pets, it's easier that way

Strengths: Knowledge, Tiamat is a book worm and believes that knowing your enemy is half the battle. She likes to observe quietly as opposed to asking questions, preferring to let them answer themselves over the course of her observations.
Weakness: Tiamat cares too much. She gets easily attached to people and places and has a hard time leaving those she's come to know. These people and places also make good targets for anyone wishing to hurt her and have been hurt in the past because of her, but that somehow hasn't stopped her from continuing on as she has been.
Likes: Nature, the forests, singing, dancing, ect
Dislikes: Solitude, which is odd for her position. Also spicy foods, ignorant people, and those who would have her kill something simply because it's doing as nature has intended for it to do (wolves that attack a flock of sheep, for example)
Favorite food: Anything hearty and thick that'll stick and keep her full for a long time
Fears: Being alone, mostly. Other small things like insects and bats, but she's learned to control her fears and appear professional at all times even if she's afraid.
Hobbies: Dumb things like carving wood pieces with knives or keeping her skills sharp by practicing with anyone she thinks will be a decent challenge.
Personality: Tiamat is a little of everything all strewn together. To those that she befriends she is fierce and loyal, never letting them down and protecting them to the last. To those who threaten her or those she considers friends she is vicious, a killer who will hunt them until they pay for their threats. To those who contract her for a hunt she's an enigma, an emotionless face that does her job efficiently and without remorse for her kills. And to strangers she is simply cold and aloof, showing her softer side and laughter only when she feels she can trust them and befriend them.
Extras: Tiamat is often covered in dirt and doesn't really care about it. Her favored weapons are small daggers often laced with poisons but she is fairly decent with a bow as well. She's also a decent alchemist, able to mix up her own poisons and potions up to medium difficulty. Scars litter her body from attacks from both animals and humans since tight leather armor offers more stealth than heavy, bulky metal armors but not as much protection against bites, scratches and blades. Finally, the elf bears a tattoo on her face in a single, wavy line that starts at the corner of her left eye and follows the contour of her high cheek bones before ending near her lip, looking almost as if it was painted on with a brush.
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Character Application - Tiamat
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